Adventure awaits !  Featuring less known locations, forgotten histories, urban exploration, and great company over local food and drinks, my extended tours are guaranteed to surprise you.

I have a thorough, personal knowledge of all the places and locations we will visit, and I will have explored these several times – either myself or with friends – before I take you there. The adventures and stories I relate are 100% authentic : I have traveled the itineraries, visited the locations, and researched the content myself. I will always personally accompany you to the trip you book, my experiences are made with love and delivered with passion.

My expansive network of local contacts means that there will always be surprising “special guests” with us – local experts, urban explorers, elder storytellers, mind healers, modern farmers, former soldiers, wreck divers, emerging artists, archaeologists, historians, or architects. These friends will be there to make our adventure special with their personalities, insider knowledge and special access.

I invite you to take a look at my available tours below, and to contact me with any questions or booking requests. I have more tours in the works, so don’t forget to vote on my future tour and walk ideas !