My name is Evan Panagopoulos, and I am the brains, legs and one-man-showmanship behind explorabilia. I am an urban storyteller, an avid fan of brutalist and mid-century architecture, a knowledgeable WW2 and Victorian era enthusiast, and I like to engage with abandoned spaces and obscure history. I have a knack for rediscovering forgotten and unseen spaces hiding in plain sight, and express what I’m passionate about through writing, photography and the unique adventures I organize.

I use obscure architecture and forgotten locations to relate surprising stories that run deep, cut deeper and let you into the nuances of local cultures. I am currently busy with the creation of more alternative walks in London, showcasing the less known sights and stories of the capital. I am also working towards the development of longer international tours, featuring weird and wonderful locales, dark stories, abandoned sites, and fringe cities, where I weave fascinating, well researched social and historic narratives related through authentically local experiences.

My work has featured on BBC Radio London, Architectuul, LOSTiN City Guides, and WW2 Wrecks and I am a regular contributor of places at Atlas Obscura. I’ve began writing my first book, based on a family memoir of the Greco-Italian War.

explorabilia’s walks and tours are currently featuring on Airbnb, Atlas Obscura and Join My Trip.

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