We will walk around London, visit a great number of sites, learn a bit about concrete and its historic and social significance, and spend time admiring and photographing them at most dramatic angles. Loved by some, loathed by others, the rugged urban fortresses we will be locating are excellent examples of the most influential architectural style of the 60s and the 70’s that changed the landscape of our cities forever..

The discourse about the future of brutalist landmarks is as stern and uncompromising as the very buildings it assesses : The ongoing struggle among local authorities, preservation societies, residents associations and royal patronage, can in some cases result in preserved or repurposed landmarks, but also quite often in their demolition and permanent loss. Perceptions about these strangely alluring monolithic structures have varied though the years, and where once Brutalist buildings have been symbols of a futuristic outlook and a modern way of living, they have also gradually become symbols of urban decay and near totalitarian oppression. So what does the future hold for these impressive concrete beasts ?

Bring your own camera and an umbrella. In wintertime, make sure you dress warm as we’ll be spending a lot of time outside. We may need to hop on the tube once or twice to span longer distances faster – so bring your ticket with you (public transport ticket not included in the price)

Price : £25 per person

Booking Conditions : You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking, or up to 7 days before the walk. The organizer reserves the right to cancel an event as a result of low turnout, and notify guests no less than 7 days prior to departure. In case of a cancelled event, the guests may chose between a full refund or any other alternative arrangements that may be offered.

Duration : 2 hours

Meeting Point : Russell Square Tube Station, Bernard Street, London WC1N 1LJ

Farewell Point : Southbank, London, SE1 9PX

Please Note : The tour includes a 3 mile / 5km walk, some, and uneven terrain. Guests with very young children, or mobility difficulties are welcome, but may be challenged by part of the itinerary  : please contact me for further information.  There will be an opportunity for a break where snacks, drinks and WC facilities are available.

Check availability and book :

12 thoughts on “Brutalism For Beginners

  1. Hi there: I attempted (and possibly succeeded?) in booking the three of us into your 3 1/4 hour “Brutalism for Beginners” tour on Tuesday 25th June. When I went to pay by PayPal, however, the website popped up a message saying that the link wouldn’t work or something. I did subscribe to the bog and then received that link, but no confirmation of booking the tour with a link to pay. What do you suggest next? We’re really keen to come. Roz, Mark and Zoe Elkington.

    1. Hi Roz. Thank you for your interest in Brutalism for Beginners ! I will be sending you a response via email

  2. Hi Guys,

    I am looking to see if you have any dates for this walk in January 21. If you could please let me know it would be much appreciated.



    1. Hi Sean. I’d be very happy to arrange this for a date of your choosing. I’ll be contacting you via email to discuss.

  3. Hi, Can I book the Brutalism for Beginners tour for 3 people on Sat 18th March?
    Just wanted to check before booking via the site.

  4. Excellent trip – a real eye opener even though I have been walking around London for years. Recommended! Evan both informative and good company

  5. Hello,

    I was wondering if you were doing any walks on saturday the 4th of November? If yes, is there space for 2 ppl?

    Just visiting London for that weekend and would love to join.

    What sites will we visit?

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