Discover the remains of a mansion that served as a top secret training facility for OSS Operatives during World War 2

On a dry summer day in August 1984, a sudden blaze devoured the magnificent mansion that stood in the outskirts of Ruislip Woods for almost 80 years.

I invite you to explore the ruins of the house together , 40 years on. We will uncover the early history of the site, its important connections with London’s German emigre community, as well as its opulent and colourful past during the Roaring 20’s .

We will also dive into the secret World War 2 history of the Battle of Britain House, when it was used as a top secret base where the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (the precursor of CIA) trained recruits for insertion into occupied Europe.

Last, we will remember the post war heritage of the Battle of Britain House, when it was used as a community arts & crafts college before it was lost to accidental fire and left to be reclaimed by nature.

Your support will help me continue my research into the History of the Battle of Britain House, and will go towards travel and research costs, acquiring materials and collecting artefacts.

Meeting Point : Mad Bess Wood Car Park, Ducks Hill Road, Northwood, HA6 2SS

Please note : The walk will last just over 1 hour, and will take us off the beaten path. We might be brushing bushes here and there, and there isn’t too much uneven ground. In case you are unsure whether this activity level is right for you, please drop me a message at

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