In this walk, I will take you back in time to the year of the Great Exhibition of 1851, where I will relate the story of this monumental event, re-enacting a day in the life of Victorian Londoners. We will stroll along the site of the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park – bringing it back to life, talking about the exhibits and the technological marvels of the time.

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Then we’ll make our way towards the Buckingham Palace – talking about the politics, class, social mores and urbanism of Victorian times. We will mentally draw an imaginary picture of London as the much different city it was, at the center of a much different world, and to do so, we will attempt to strip our surroundings from the sensory stimuli of modern times – some more obvious, and some others less !

As a treat, we will enter the famous Wellington Arch and view London from the top, while I relate stories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, one of the most revered (and equally hated) Victorians.

We will then move on to London’s famous Clubland along Pall Mall, where we’ll talk about the unique institution of the Gentlemen’s Club : how and why they were established, the particularities of membership, the various rooms and services provided, and certain members of note – while we catch a glimpse of the opulence and magnificence of the remaining clubs.

Price : £25 per person

Duration : 2 1/2 hours

Meeting Point : The Albert Memorial, Hyde Park

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