Walks (27 Dec 2020)

All of my UK walks are now on hold, adhering to current government guidelines in effect. Once London moves from the Tier 4 closedown, a social distancing policy – described below – will apply for most of my activities.

All of my walks are mostly in the in the open, so there will only be minor changes in the landmarks visited and stories related. It is however important to put safety first. So there are a number of easy new conditions for the walks, as well as a series of reasonable Health and Safety precautions I will encourage you to take :

  • All walks will be for a maximum of 6 people, that is 5 guests plus myself
  • The 2m social distancing rule will be applied
  • We will not be entering buildings (ie the National Theatre, the Wellington’s Arch et.al. are now unfortunately out of bounds)
  • We won’t be touching the buildings, bridges, or monuments we visit (sadly)
  • We will minimise the use of public transport by utilising alternative routes and stops
  • The use of face masks and gloves will be encouraged


Following recent Greek government guidelines, I am pleased to announce that the Forgotten Greece tour is now available to book again.

Please note that the entry requirements may vary depending on which country you’ll be arriving from. You may be subject to a random COVID-19 check upon arrival,  For a detailed breakdown of what to expect upon arrival, please check the F.A.Q. and latest travel advice here

Whilst in Greece,

  • All tours will be for a maximum of 6 people, that is 5 guests plus myself
  • There is an 1.5m social distancing rule required
  • Our visit times to certain spaces might be affected
  • We may have to use two separate vehicles to in order to meet social distancing rules when travelling together
  • The use of face masks and gloves will be encouraged

In Forgotten Greece we get to see some of the country’s most exciting and least visited places. We are highly unlikely to be surrounded by tourist crowds at any time, which has always been one of the features that makes this tour special.

The health and safety of my guests is absolute priority. I hope that we will making the most of our walks and tours, while helping each other and those around us remain healthy. I will be updating this page in line with further announcements. I am looking forward to see you in one of my future experiences.