To catch a Gotha

In this era of satellite imaging, drone strikes and stealth bombers, it’s hard to imagine an air war the way it was experienced a century ago. I remember myself sitting in front of a TV in the comfort of my living room in January 1991, watching explosion flashes in an eerie green hue – the… Read More

Domein Hofstade

The Hofstad Swimming Pool is one of the most strangely alluring abandoned places I’ve ever been : this is because it was never really supposed to be there by design, but also because after a short but vibrant participation in the history of social recreation, it is currently returning back to oblivion – almost as… Read More

Concentration City

“In the night air they passed the shells of concrete towers, blockhouses half buried in rubble, giand conduits filled with tyres, overhead causeways crossing broken roads [….] In the suburbs of Hell, Travis walked in the flaring light of the petrochemical plants” J.G. Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition Across the impressive new port of Patras in… Read More

Holding the fort

I didn’t notice it at first, on the way to the rural pub we were driving towards on that warm August day : The Somerset countryside around Glastonbury was spectacular, quaint village after quaint village among lush greenery in full bloom, and there was so much peace in the scenery, where my mind subconsciously shut… Read More


In 1923, following Mussolini’s meteoric rise to power as the Duce of Italy, the Aegean islands of the Dodecanese – already taken from the Ottomans since 1911 – were formally annexed as the Possedimenti Italiani dell’Egeo. Mussolini’s vision of a well ordered fascist society would see Italy’s new possession transformed into a model Italian community… Read More

Green Line 1974

I visited the De-militarized Zone in Cyprus on a very hot August afternoon 7 years ago. It’s running down the middle of the fair city of Nicosia like the dusty, dry bed of a river that never was – a place of friction and abandonment and the pinnacle of division between two communities that used… Read More