If you’re planning to be in Finland or Greece for a great adventure with explorabilia and plan to continue your journey from there, I highly recommend our friends at Soviet Tours. Their tours are unique, crafted with love, and run by seasoned experts and wonderful locals. These are the tours I recommend as follow-up to our Forgotten Greece or A Lion Rampant.


In this nostalgic trip from Leningrad to the Arctic, Soviet Tours will take you from Karelia and Lake Onega to Petsamo in the Arctic. All these areas were heavily contested during the Winter and Continuation wars, and became part of the price Finland had to pay for peace with the USSR. These are regions you’ll be hearing about a lot during my tour, so here’s your chance to visit and complete the full story ! Click on the photo for more info.

In this epic trip through the least known Balkan republics, Soviet Tours will take you to Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. The three nations are intrinsic to the WW2 and Civil War history of Greece as related during my Forgotten Greece tour, and a great starting point in experiencing and comprehending the way cultures exist and interact through history in this patchwork that is called the Balkans. Click on the photo for more info.