Maundy – Campton, NH, USA

My 12-year-old son picked this experience because he wants to be an architect. I wondered if he’d be able to follow, but it was wonderful and now, days later, he is still talking about it. My son and I both had a great time and we learned so much. We highly recommend this experience!

Holger – Berlin, Germany

On my first visit to London I took several tours and this was by far the best one. Evan loves the subjects he talks about and you will feel his passion and his effort to make you understand the Brutalist period in architecture, the historical and social background. Yet we did not only speak about… Read More

Ivan – Singapore

An amazing walk for those interested in Victorian history! Evan is a knowledgeable guide who brings you through over 100 years of history from Prince Albert to the hidden gentlemen clubs of London! A must do for fans of history or the crown!

Rebecca – Chicago, IL, USA

Evan is one of the best guides I’ve ever had. He is very knowledgeable about the subject of course—I especially appreciated how he contextualized the movement within politics of the era, in the aftermath of WWII. If this style is new to you, don’t be put off by “Brutalist”. All of these buildings are interesting… Read More

Eduardo – Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Maravilloso. Recorrido excepcional con explicaciones perfectas con un final inesperado. Amazing. Si hubiera más estrellas para darle, lo haría.

Tracy – Austin, TX, USA

Had a great time! – Evan is very enthusiastic about the subject, and has clearly put a lot of thought into creating an interesting itinerary. (Note the tour covers a lot of ground, literally – the sites visited are spread over a fairly wide area – so participants should be prepared to do a good… Read More

Nazzarena – Frederick, MD, USA

Evan is extremely knowledgeable and passionate passionate about This style and available to discuss other related architectural movements in modernism. The walk was very informative and an entertaining way to spend a few hours. Most importantly he was successful in connecting the specificity Of place and time for each location, like a true londoner

Gregory – Saint Kilda East, Australia

Excellent tour. A thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours with Evan being shown buildings I would never have thought to look at and parts of London I may not have visited otherwise. Evan has a passion for the subject and provided very interesting historical and social background, as well insights into the aesthetic of Brutalism. If you… Read More

Audrey – Auburn, AL, USA

Evan was an excellent tour guide and shared his understanding of Brutalism forms in London as we walked. As young architects, we went on this tour to see brutalist buildings and learn a few things that we didn’t know, which we certainly did! You definitely don’t have to love brutalist design techniques to have respect… Read More

Mark – Cork, Ireland

Well organised and with a calm exterior, ( like his favourite buildings! ) Evan slowly reveals the wonder of the subject as he takes you around this amazing cache of fabulous buildings. With tons of background detail and anecdotes Evan brings the whole experience to life. If you love buildings and architecture you will love… Read More