I had a private tour with Evan. It was not planned, I was just the only one who booked the tour that day. 🙂 So happy I decided on joining in! I think there are generally two types of tours. The first one is where you cover several locations while learning some cool but often random facts about them. The other one is where you listen to a story with a beginning and an end. Eva’s tour falls somewhere in the middle; there are some cool facts specific buildings and people interacted with them in some way. But there is also a story about Brutalism, concrete, and its influence on London, and the story amazed me. Honestly, I just loved the tour. It was a unique experience, exactly the kind I was looking for when deciding what to do that day. Evan is a nice person who is passionate about architecture, and it was a pleasure meeting him. The tour does include a lot of walking but, to be fair, London is a huge city and the tour is long, so it should be expected. Thank you, Evan!