Ben – Toronto, Canada

Wow! What an amazing way to learn about a city’s modern history, culture, and social shifts and changes. Evan brought these beautiful imposing buildings to life and expertly positioned that life in the historic spaces that surround. This was the highlight of our week in London. 100%

Nicole – Dublin, Ireland

This was one of the best walking tours I ever did! Thanks to Evan it was a fantastic experience because he is highly passionate about the topic, genuinely cares about his guests, always happy to answer questions and really a wonderful tourguide! I would not only recommend his tour for someone, who wants to learn… Read More

Alena – Moscow, Russia

I had a private tour with Evan. It was not planned, I was just the only one who booked the tour that day. 🙂 So happy I decided on joining in! I think there are generally two types of tours. The first one is where you cover several locations while learning some cool but often… Read More

Minji – London, UK

It was a really engaging conversational experience we had regarding the Victoria period of Britain. We started from a beautiful meeting point with fantastic views and statues which itself can take days to explain. Along the walk Evan chose a great angel – The Great Exhibition to tell stories of who came, how it was… Read More

Miriam – Moers, Germany

I loved the promenade alongside Victorian buildings and walking through the parks. Evan is an enthusiastic and well prepared guide but also open to involve current events. Totally recommend it if you’re interested in history and personal guidance instead of a mainstream sightseeing tour.

Stella – Hong Kong

I left feeling I have learned so much. Evan has through knowledge on the subject; what more, I am especially impressed by his enthusiasm and passion. It was a very enjoyable walk and Evan tirelessly explained my queries. I would definitely join his next walking tour.

Pam – Port Washington, WI, USA

Evan was really knowledgable and prepared for the tour. I could tell he had a real interest and passion for the subject matter and had pictures and notes to supplement his informative narration. I learned more about Hyde Park now than I ever imagined. Highltly recoomend taking Evan’s tours.

Maundy – Campton, NH, USA

My 12-year-old son picked this experience because he wants to be an architect. I wondered if he’d be able to follow, but it was wonderful and now, days later, he is still talking about it. My son and I both had a great time and we learned so much. We highly recommend this experience!

Holger – Berlin, Germany

On my first visit to London I took several tours and this was by far the best one. Evan loves the subjects he talks about and you will feel his passion and his effort to make you understand the Brutalist period in architecture, the historical and social background. Yet we did not only speak about… Read More

Ivan – Singapore

An amazing walk for those interested in Victorian history! Evan is a knowledgeable guide who brings you through over 100 years of history from Prince Albert to the hidden gentlemen clubs of London! A must do for fans of history or the crown!