Poland Is Not Yet Lost

Life, Work, Death, and Architecture : an emotional journey through Poland’s first Millenium Next Departures : 9 to 14 May 2022 / 12 to 17 September 2022 8 to 13 May 2023 / 11 to 16 September 2023 Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, steeped in the continent’s dramatic history and radiant… Read More

The Olive Harvest in Greece

Next Departures : 6 to 12 November 2022 / 13 to 19 November 2022 5 to 11 November 2023 / 12 to 18 November 2023 Oil, toil, mud and sweat : do you have what it takes to experience the olive harvest in the Peloponnese ? Each November, the olive fields of the Peloponnese echo with the sound of… Read More

Expedition to Finland

In this multi day trip, we will be deep diving into Finland’s unique culture through its turbulent history and inspiring architecture. Join to explore locations relating to 3 centuries of foreign intervention in Finland, discover the very best in Nordic Modernist architecture and design, and have your breath taken away by the natural beauty of… Read More


Adventure awaits !  Featuring less known locations, forgotten histories, urban exploration, and great company over local food and drinks, my extended tours are guaranteed to surprise you. I have a thorough, personal knowledge of all the places and locations we will visit, and I will have explored these several times – either myself or with… Read More

Forgotten Greece

Raw, atypical, and brutally honest – as never experienced before. Are you ready to see Greece in its darker shades of blue? Read More